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Apply for a board and commission meeting stipend

Board and commission members who qualify can apply to receive a payment while they serve.

Need To Know Column 1 Subheading

Need To Know Column 1
  • Payments are $50 per meeting 
  • Stipend payments may be taxable income

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Need To Know Column 2
  • You can request a stipend every year, for the length of your term. 
  • You will need to self-certify your income with each stipend request. 

The next deadline to make a meeting stipend request is January 31, 2024.

Before you start

Read about meeting stipends and check if you are eligible. 

If this is your first time requesting a stipend, you will need to register with the County’s Finance department. This is needed so we can pay you. You will need to complete a W-9 as part of this process. 

What to do

What to do content
  1. Gather the dates and times for the meetings you plan to include in your request 
  2. Complete the Income Self-Certification and Request for Stipend payment below. This form will be electronically forwarded to the staff liaison assigned to your board or commission. 
  3. Alternately, you may print this form, and give directly to your commission's staff liaison.
    1. Online request form 
    2. Download and print 

What's next

What's next content

You are required to attend a State ethics training before you can receive payment. 


Page updated January 23, 2024