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Legislative support and advocacy

Learn about the Board of Supervisors’ positions on local, state, and federal issues.

Each year, the Board of Supervisors adopts a legislative plan that:

  • Outlines the County's priorities and positions on state and federal legislative policy
  • Provides direction to County staff responding to emerging legislative issues throughout the year

The Legislative Plan allows the County Administrator to take quick action on pending legislation. When the Board’s position is already clear, we write letters supporting or opposing the legislation.

Current Legislative Platform

The Legislative Platform is updated on a calendar year basis, and presented to the Board of Supervisors for adoption in December or January. The platform is updated over the course of the fall, with input from County Departments, Boards and Commissions, and partner agencies (Transportation Authority of Marin, Marin Transit, SMART, Marin Clean Energy).


Page updated July 17, 2024