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About this website

We’re building a new website for Marin County.


We're ready to take our digital services to the next level and help people find what they are looking for.  The goal: a website that is accessible, helpful and easy to use.


We welcome your feedback.

Each page has a survey at the bottom asking if you found what you’re looking for. Use this to let us know if you did.

How we started

We’ve spent the first half of last year getting feedback and insight from about 400 community members and County staff. People provided feedback on design, content and usability. This feedback was also used to write principles to guide our work.

We will continue to conduct more user research as we build more of this website. Your feedback is essential. 

This fall we started building and testing features that help you:

  • Find County services and information
  • Learn about County departments

We also created a content guide and plain language training for County employees.

We're ready to show you the first phase of your new County of Marin website.

What we've built so far

Our new website makes it easier for you to find County services and information.

The new website is mobile responsive and can be translated into multiple languages.

We’re working to make sure the site meets Federal standards for accessibility. Some of these accessible elements include:

  • Clear font
  • Purposeful images with alternative text
  • Site works with assistive technology, like screen readers
  • Sufficient colors contrast

This is a continuous process. If you run into any issues, please let us know on our website accessibility page

Our new design is flexible for a variety of content. It also creates a consistent experience throughout the site.

We’re not finished building the new site. Right now, the new site is just a few web pages. So you will see old and new pages linking to each other for some time. The search feature is also currently disabled until we build more web pages.

What's next

We're working with County departments to make our content better and move it to this website so that it's easier for you to find.

Over time, you'll see this website grow. Have a look around, enjoy the new experience, and share any feedback you have!

Page updated January 24, 2024