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Appeal your property tax assessment

Property owners who disagree with a property tax assessment can ask the Board to reconsider.

Application deadlines

  • Regular assessments: July 2 - November 30, by 5:00 p.m.
  • Supplemental assessments, roll changes, escape assessments: no later than 60 days after postmark date on tax bill.
  • Calamity reassessments: within 6 months of postmark date on reassessment notice .

Before you start

Before you submit an assessment appeal, you should meet with the County Assessor to discuss your appeal. Make sure to read about property tax assessment appeals before you submit your appeal. 

What to do

  1. Download the Assessment Appeal application. You can also pick up a copy at the Assessment Appeals Board office or call us to have one mailed to you.
  2. Fill out the application in blue ink. 
  3. Mail or drop off the completed application with a $50 non-refundable processing fee. You can pay by check or money order, payable to “County of Marin.”

What's next

After you submit the Application, you will get a letter in the mail to let you know we received your application.  

If there’s anything wrong with your application, the letter will let you know so you can fix it.  

If you submitted an appeal but don’t want to appeal anymore, you can withdraw it. You need to notify the Clerk of the Board by email or letter as soon as possible. 

Confirm your hearing date

If your application is complete, you will get a Notice of Hearing letter and a Hearing Date Confirmation form in the mail 45 days before your hearing.   

To confirm or postpone your hearing date, or withdraw your appeal, you must fill out and mail back the Hearing Date Confirmation form at least 21 days before your hearing.  

Attend your scheduled hearing in person 

If you don’t go to your hearing, the Assessment Appeals Board will deny your application. 

Attend your scheduled hearing in person and present your case to the Assessment Appeals Board. 

Page updated April 22, 2024