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I received a complaint notification

Learn what happens if a property you own has received a Code Compliance complaint.

Received a Notification

When a complaint is placed or a code violation exists against a property, we will notify the property owner and a Code Compliance Manager will be assigned.  If you are the owner, this does not necessarily mean you are being accused of intentionally breaking the law.  Many of the code violation cases are simply a lack of knowledge about a certain regulation. They are easily resolved by the property owner through voluntary efforts such as obtaining County permits and making necessary improvements/corrections.

If you are notified of a complaint: 

  1. Contact the assigned code compliance case manager to find out more.  
  2. Because the code compliance program is a cost recovery program it will save you money to act quickly to resolve the violation. 
  3. Voluntary compliance to correct code violations is our primary objective. 
  4. The staff will try to find solutions to code compliance problems through onsite inspections, meetings, and correspondence with the property owner.  

If voluntary compliance is not accomplished by the owner in a timely manner, then the County may pursue any or all of the following courses of action: 

  • Issuing administrative citations.  
  • Administrative citations may be issued repeatedly for as long as the code enforcement case remains open. 
  • Scheduling an abatement hearing before an Administrative Law Judge acting as the County Code Compliance Hearing Officer. 
  • The abatement hearings are conducted in accordance with procedures that ensure fairness to all parties and guide impartial decisions.  
  • At a code compliance hearing, you will be given the opportunity to present evidence as to why the use of your property is not in violation of the County Code. 
  • Bringing the code violation to Superior Court for an immediate injunction.  
  • Much like abatement hearings before an Administrative Law Judge, Superior Court cases follow adopted procedures to guarantee fairness and due process under the law. 

What to know

When it is discovered that a builder or homeowner has done construction without obtaining the necessary permits, that builder: 

  1. Will be reported to the State licensing board.  
  2. No construction permits will be issued for development on the property unless those permits are to resolve the violation.  
  3. Outstanding enforcement fees will be required to be paid before the case is formally closed. 

Page updated May 16, 2024