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Stinson ARC Adaptation Options Evaluation

This June 2024 technical report identifies a range of options to respond to sea level rise and flooding in Stinson Beach

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The documents in this list may not work with all assistive technology and are being remediated. For alternative formats, please email Stinson Arc Team or phone 415-473-6269. To use the California relay service, dial 711.

  • Stinson ARC - Adaptation Exhibits (1.77 MB) — Adaptation Exhibits gives a 1-2 page overview of nearly two dozen adaptation options like levees, protective dunes, and more. The report also lists the engineering feasibility, environmental impact, regulatory feasibility, social impact, and economic cost considerations for each adaptation response.
  • Stinson ARC - Adaptation Matrix (0.45 MB) — Adaptation Matrix summarizes the information in the above Adaptation Exhibits report in a matrix, and gives a relative score (high, medium, or low) for each option.
  • Stinson ARC - Adaptation Memo (0.67 MB) — Adaptation Memo – this background memo details how the adaptation evaluation was done, what the criteria mean, and identifies potential thresholds, triggers, and lead times for sea level rise and flood hazard response.


Page updated May 28, 2024