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Appeal a Planning Division Decision

Learn how to file an appeal to the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors

Certain Planning Division actions are appealable and require a Petition for Appeal and fee. Here are important resources:

Who considers the appeal?

The Planning Commission holds hearings on appeals of Planning Division decisions. Learn more about the Planning Commission and their hearings.

The Board of Supervisors hold hearings on appeals of Planning Commission decisions.

When can I file an appeal?

Appeal periods starts the day the Planning Division action is made or the decision is issued. The deadline to appeal a decision depends on where your project is.

Non-coastal areas: You have 8 business days to file an appeal.

Coastal Zone: You have 10 business days to file an appeal.

Appeals are valid only if we receive a Petition for Appeal before the end of the appeal period.

How do I file an appeal?

To submit a Petition for Appeal, you can:

  1. File your appeal in person. Bring the form and filing fee during regular business hours.
  2. Mail your appeal. Send us the form with the fee. Be sure we receive your mailed appeal before the end of the appeal period. Appeals received after the appeal period ends are not valid.

Submit your appeal to:

Community Development Agency
Planning Division
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 308
San Rafael, CA 94903

Monday to Thursday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Page updated May 16, 2024