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Climate Action Plan

Learn how our local community contributes to climate change and our goals to measure and reduce these impacts.

The Climate Action Plan addresses the impacts of climate change and the need for local action. The Plan supports our climate-related programs, projects, policies, and initiatives, which we have created to:

  • restore our planet
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • promote public health and well-being


Climate Action Plan

This plan sets targets for how much we want to reduce contributions to climate change by a certain year. It outlines measures for unincorporated Marin County to meet those goals.

Marin County Unincorporated Area Climate Action Plan


Greenhouse Gas Inventories for Unincorporated Community Emissions

This annual report identifies the sources and measures the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the activities of the unincorporated Marin communities for years specified in the current Climate Action Plan.

Unincorporated County of Marin Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

Consumption-based inventory

The County of Marin Climate Action plan is an activity-based inventory. The plan uses information about the activities that account for emissions that we create in our day-to-day activities, such as:

  • driving to work
  • turning on the lights at home
  • taking out the trash


The inventory doesn't account for other emission-generating parts of our lives, such as:

  • clothing and other purchases
  • food
  • airline trips

Another way to assess local emissions is through a consumption-based inventory. This type of inventory accounts for activities that happen outside the borders of Marin County. Many of the emissions generated by the creation of goods we purchase and use happen elsewhere, such as in factories or airports outside of the County.

To learn more about consumption-based inventories, and how your neighborhood compares, you can explore the Cool Climate Network consumption-based inventory


Climate Action Plans in Marin's cities and towns

The Marin Climate & Energy Partnership (MCEP) is a partnership of:

  • the eleven Marin cities and towns
  • the County of Marin
  • three public agencies that serve Marin

To learn about greenhouse gas reduction efforts and emissions from cities and towns in incorporated Marin, check out their greenhouse gas inventories and climate action plans.


MarinCAN is a community-driven campaign to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, prepare for climate change impacts, and meaningfully address and integrate equity.

Learn more about MarinCAN




Page updated May 23, 2024