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About the County Counsel office

What we do

The County Counsel is appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The office of the County Counsel has 15 attorneys and 8 support staff who specialize in local government.  


  • Provide legal advice to the County Board of Supervisors 
  • Serve as legal counsel in civil matters for all County departments, as well as many special districts  
  • Provide legal support for County government services and programs 
  • Review, interpret, and draft county legislation 
  • Review contracts for the Board of Supervisors and County departments  

We do not provide legal advice to the public. If you need a lawyer and do not have one, you may call the Lawyer Referral Service at 415-499-1813 to help in locating a qualified attorney. If you cannot afford a lawyer, here are several organizations that may be able to help you: 

Divisions and programs

Administrative services 

The Administrative Services Division handles the administrative, business, and legal support for the department. We develop the department budget, track and report finances, and manage purchasing and contracts. We also coordinate hiring and payroll. 

Health and Human Services, Public Protection, Employment and Labor Division

This division provides legal advice and counsel for all of Health and Human Services, Sheriff, District Attorney, Public Defender, Probation, and Human Resources. The division handles related litigation.

Land use and General Goverment 

The Land Use and General Goverment Division supports the County’s administrative and regulatory functions. The Division focuses on land use law, public contracts, environmental regulation, and real property. The Division handles County in litigation related to these areas.

Mission Statement

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The Marin County Counsel's Office provides innovative and high-quality legal services to County officials, departments and public agencies to protect the County of Marin and its resources. 


Page updated February 29, 2024