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About the County Executive’s office

What we do

The County Executive’s office serves under the Board of Supervisors. We provide them with the information they need to make policy decisions. 

We oversee the work for all County departments, prepare the organization’s budget, and set overall goals.

Underpinning everything we do, is our work towards enduring an anti-racist multicultural County workforce.

Our office also:

  • Keeps official records of legislative actions and ensures transparency to the public
  • Manages funding opportunities for nonprofits
  • Supports County facility planning and the Civic Center Conservancy
  • Represents the County in relationships with other government agencies
  • Manages the County’s risk exposure
  • Coordinates the County’s legislative advocacy efforts
  • Activates a disaster service workforce in response to emergencies

Divisions and programs

Management and Budget

The Management and Budget division produces and tracks the annual County budget. This includes the annual Budget Book, which has financial information and strategic initiatives reflecting the Board of Supervisors' highest priorities. We also manage the County’s open data initiatives (Marin Compass) and the County’s legislative program.

Clerk of the Board

The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors division provides administrative support to the Board of Supervisors. We also maintain the historical record of the County, coordinate tax assessment appeals, and manage activities related to County boards and commissions.


The Communications division creates and shares information about the County government. We respond to media inquiries, lead community engagement initiatives, and coordinate outreach efforts. This includes news releases and video public service announcements. We also oversee the County’s website and social media content. 


The Marin County Office of Equity[External] oversees countywide equity priorities in an effort to establish the County of Marin as an anti-racist, multicultural workforce committed to accountability, transformational change, and community engagement. We work in partnership with County employees and community members, empowering them to get involved in the variety of equity-focused initiatives that inspire positive change.

Facility planning

The Facility Planning and Development division performs long-term strategic planning for about 1.4 million square feet of County-owned property and 87,000 square feet of leased property. This includes the national and state historic landmark Marin County Civic Center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We also provide support to the Frank Lloyd Wright Civic Center Conservancy Commission.

Risk management

The Risk Management division preserves and protects the human, fiscal, material, property and environmental assets of the County. We manage the insurance portfolio, self-insured workers’ compensation program, safety and loss control, and ergonomics program.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement content (optional)

We serve our community and our employees by leading a responsive government that fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

Page updated February 23, 2024