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About the Information Services and Technology department

What we do

The Information Services and Technology supports County departments with accessible, high value applications and technology products and services.


  • Support digital services that help our residents perform tasks online, like paying property taxes and getting building permits
  • Support secure law enforcement and criminal justice systems
  • Manage the County’s geographic information and mapping systems
  • Provide digital accessibility training and support to County employees
  • Coordinate the cross-sector Digital Marin program
  • Provide secure network and internet connectivity for County employees 
  • Manage and deliver technical projects that support Board and County priorities 
  • Support internal administrative systems for finance and human resources

Divisions and programs

Business Solutions Delivery

The Business Solutions Delivery division supports the County’s portfolio of technical applications and systems. We maintain the County website as well as digital services for both the public and County employees.

Enterprise Platforms and Services

The Enterprise Platforms and Services division delivers enterprise-level countywide IT infrastructure services, including a data center and cloud platforms. We provide help desk services as well as support communications, network and internet connectivity.

IT Governance and Operations

The IT Governance and Operations division provides technology guidance and standards for the entire organization. We provide project management support and help with strategic planning.

Information Security and Compliance

The Information Security and Compliance division provides proactive risk and compliance services in the areas of security, digital accessibility, and enterprise architecture. We protect the County from potential threats and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement content (optional)

Marin County Information Services and Technology connects the people with their government by delivering innovative products and services tailored to the needs of our departments and communities, accessible anytime, anywhere.


Page updated November 13, 2023