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Criminal record sealings & expungements

What is an expungement?

Expungement is a legal order that acknowledges that you have paid your debt to the criminal justice system and that your criminal history cannot be used to limit your personal opportunities. An expungement results in the dismissal of a previous conviction.

The law allows for some convictions to be expunged from one's record, or felonies reduced to misdemeanors, or vacating arrests or convictions.

Who is eligible for an expungement?

Any person who was convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, who successfully completed probation, is not now serving a sentence for any other offense, is not charged with the commission of a new offense and is not currently on probation, parole, and/or mandatory supervision. If you've gone to prison, a conviction can be expunged two years after a person's release from prison.

In addition, any person who, after the passage of one year, was convicted of a misdemeanor and not granted probation may apply for an expungement.

Who is not eligible for an expungement?

Some sex related offenses and vehicle code offenses are not eligible for an expungement. If you are not sure that you qualify, please inquire to see if you are eligible.

How much will it cost?

There is no fee to apply for an expungement.

How Clean Slate Can Help

Clean Slate is impactful because it can open doors for employment, housing, and education. Watch the video to learn how a Marin resident worked with the Public Defender to clear her record.


Page updated June 27, 2024