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New Funding Boosts Housing for Homeless Veterans

There is $14.4 million in new Homekey funding to support a Homeward Bound project in Novato.
A view of a sign of 4 feet by 3 feet showing an architectural rendering of the new housing proposed for Novato. A line of golden shovels sits next to the sign to be used for a groundbreaking ceremony.

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San Rafael, CA – In the coming year, a new injection of state funding will help Marin County take steps to eliminate homelessness among military veterans.

The Marin County Department of Health and Human Services (Marin HHS) has received a $14.4 million grant from the State of California to bolster the Novato Veterans and Workforce Housing[External] project. This significant grant funding will advance the ongoing efforts to address housing needs within the community and marks a crucial step toward innovative and inclusive housing solutions.

With the combination of 3301 Kerner Homekey 1 project and the new Homekey3 award, a total of 93 new permanent supportive housing units are planned to open by January 2025. Among these, 24 units are dedicated to veterans, 26 to individuals re-entering the workforce, and 41 for those with serious mental illness.

In 2020, the State of California launched an innovative new housing program called Project Homekey[External] to protect Californians experiencing homelessness who were at high risk for serious illness and were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rounds of funding in 2020 and 2021, known as Homekey 1 and 2, resulted in $24.7 million for projects in Marin County. The latest Homekey 3 allotment for Marin was part of $95.6 million issued to six counties statewide.

"We are thrilled to receive this Homekey grant, which will significantly contribute to our ongoing efforts to provide permanent supportive housing solutions for community members in need," said Gary Naja-Riese, Director of HHS’ Whole Person Care/Homelessness Division. "This grant is a testament to our shared commitment to creating inclusive and sustainable communities." 

A total of 49 units have already opened and the new award brings another 50 into construction along with 41 in progress. By January 2025, a total of 152 new units funded by Homekey will be added to Marin’s permanent supportive housing supply.

The projects and their status are as follows:

Homekey 1

  • La Casa Buena, Corte Madera: 18 units, opened in spring 2022
  • 3301 Kerner Boulevard, San Rafael: 41 units, scheduled to open in January 2025 (served as Mill Street shelter during Jonathan's Place renovation)

Homekey 2

  • 1251 South Eliseo, Greenbrae: 43 units, opened in September 2023

Homekey 3

  • Novato Veteran (24 units) and Workforce (26 units) Housing: Veterans scheduled to open late spring 2024, and workforce by the end of 2024

For more information about Marin’s Homekey program and the Novato Veterans and Workforce Housing project, please visit HHS’ Whole Person Care webpage.

Page updated January 23, 2024