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News Release —
San Geronimo Commons Now in County Public Hands

Escrow closes for property eyed as parkland and future headquarters for Fire Department.
An exterior view of the building at the former golf course property in San Geronimo.

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San Francisco, CA – May 21 marked a historic milestone in conservation as San Geronimo Commons transitioned from the Trust for Public Land [TPL] to public stewardship under the County of Marin. 

With support from the Marin County Board of Supervisors and TPL, Marin County entered into an agreement granting the County the opportunity to purchase the property. San Geronimo Commons, spanning over 150 acres, boasts diverse ecosystems, scenic vistas, and recreational opportunities, making it a treasured asset for the community of Marin and visitors alike. 

“San Geronimo Commons is a landmark project that enhances habitat and ecosystem restoration, connects thousands of acres of public land, boosts community climate resilience, and accommodates modern fire facilities in west Marin,” said Guillermo Rodriguez, California State Director for The Trust for Public Land. “TPL applauds Marin County's leadership in realizing this park and community space. This is a win-win for the region, and TPL is proud to have contributed to making this incredible landscape available for public use for generations to come.”

Its significance as a habitat for endangered salmon underscores the ecological importance of its preservation. 

“This purchase reflects the County’s commitment to protect, connect, and restore this property for our community,” said County Board of Supervisors President Dennis Rodoni, who represents the San Geronimo Valley. “I am grateful to the Trust for Public Land for holding the property and conducting community outreach that resulted in the publication of the San Geronimo Vision Framework that reflects community values to restore natural habitats, provide recreational opportunities for the community, and enhance public safety, creating a vital community resource for years to come.”

This action moves the Commons closer to also becoming the future headquarters of the Marin County Fire Department. Under the agreement, the County conducted an environmental review process as it explored potential future uses of the property, including critical fire station and fire facility uses.  The environmental review concluded that the proposed public safety operations were compatible with habitat restoration on the site.

“We must ensure our infrastructure is robust and capable of meeting the growing demands for emergency services and disaster response,” Fire Chief Jason Weber said. “By centralizing our community's fire department headquarters we can effectively serve for generations to come. We look forward to a robust community process as we develop the new fire headquarters.”

Marin County Fire has been headquartered at 33 Castle Rock Avenue in Woodacre for over a century, but its outdated facilities and remote locationwithin a wooded neighborhood is undesirable for swift response in the San Geronimo Valley and across the county. The San Geronimo property, 1.8 miles west of the current headquarters, offers a more accessible location on the main corridor connecting West Marin with Highway 101. Relocating the headquarters could enhance public safety by reducing response times and broadening the department's fire service capabilities.

Some parcels on the property, operated as a public park by TPL, would be left unchanged if the fire department project moves forward. TPL’s easement over those parcels restricts their use to passive recreation such as hiking, biking, and equestrian access. Those park parcels will be maintained and overseen by Marin County Parks

“This new park can be a keystone of recreation and preservation in West Marin for many generations,” said Max Korten, Director and General Manager of Marin County Parks. “We look forward to continuing collaboration with Marin County Fire, other county officials, and the local community as we move together into the future.”

This decades-long project to protect San Geronimo Commons was made possible by the support of exceptional conservation partners and leaders. Visit the Trust for Public Land to learn more about their contributions to this project.

More information will be provided to the public as next steps progress.


Page updated May 23, 2024