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News Release —
Take a Survey about Marin’s Electrification

Feedback is needed on the new ‘roadmap’ to improve environmental sustainability.
An artistic graphic shows a home with images of large electrical plugs outside.

Body of News Release

San Rafael, CA – As part of its sustainability efforts, the County of Marin and its partners are working toward transitioning local buildings to a more energy-efficient future. That means electrification, which leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel use.

Key actions are mentioned in a community survey that closes Tuesday, March 5. The proposed actions, called the Marin Countywide Electrification Roadmap, include development of new building codes to encourage electrifying new construction and existing structures, creation of a central hub to assist residents in such projects, and promotion of stakeholder engagement. The survey is designed to measure public response to a wide variety of proposed actions to reach sustainability goals.

Marin Climate and Energy Partnership and the County of Marin Sustainability Team (a division of the Community Development Agency) drafted recommended key actions to equitably transition to the electrification of Marin’s buildings. After working in concert with community stakeholders, the agencies are requesting feedback on the actions via the survey, which takes less than five minutes to complete. 

In addition, a supplementary document is available online for more details on the key actions proposed.

For years, the Marin County of Board of Supervisors has prioritized environmental policies that promote adaptation to climate change and help ensure a sustainability future. The Sustainability Team and its partners have developed programs to promote renewable energy, address climate change, encourage green building, recognize green businesses and implement energy efficiency projects in County schools, special districts and cities and towns.

Stay connected with the Sustainability Team via on FacebookInstagram, and X (Twitter), the event webpage for workshops and community events and the quarterly newsletter. Contact the office via email with questions on our programs or to request more information. 

Page updated February 28, 2024