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Welcoming Homes Needed in Marin for Youth in Foster Care

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month
A resource family of 2 adults and three children walk through a forest.

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San Rafael, CA – Every child deserves stability, especially during times of crisis. Unfortunately, for some youth in Marin County's foster care system, sudden moves disrupt their lives, forcing them to leave their homes, schools, and communities behind.

National Foster Care Month, observed annually in May, shines a light on the more than 350,000 children across the nation who navigate the challenges of foster care.

In Marin County, where an average of 85 youth are in foster care, the need for supportive resource families is critical. Bree Marchman, Director of Marin County Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS)  Children & Family Services Division, expressed gratitude to Marin's resource parents, highlighting their invaluable role in providing stability and support to children in crisis.

Interested individuals can learn more by attending the next monthly online orientation meeting at 7 PM on Tuesday, May 7.

"Marin County resource parents play a vital role in our community," Marchman said. "They not only provide care for children but often support parents on their healing journey, facilitating family reunification and sometimes becoming forever families for children in need."

The call for support extends beyond traditional resource families. Marin is also seeking a designated emergency foster care home to provide immediate care for children who enter the system after hours and temporarily until a permanent placement can be arranged.

"Studies show that one committed adult can make a world of difference in a child's life," Marchman said. "Even if you're unable to care for a child full-time, you can still make a significant impact as a Friend of the Family volunteer."

Friend of the Family volunteers offer essential support to resource families through various activities, including providing meals, transportation, and childcare. Prospective volunteers will work with the Children and Family Services Division and the Marin County Volunteers Program to undergo the approval process.

For more information and to register for the May 7 event, visit


Page updated April 24, 2024