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About the Community Development Agency

The Community Development Agency is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and advancing healthy, safe, and equitable communities.

What we do

We work with the entire community every day.  We work with residents, builders, caring citizens, new community members, and city managers.  Our goal is to understand, guide and grow our county having the ability to serve with a variety of missions. Much of our work is about buildings and projects. We also work with business owners to keep services safe.  Our mission is a challenging one.  We feel the significance of an important calling to grow with care, equity, sustainability, and foresight.

Our services

  • Building and Safety

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    Ensures that buildings are constructed safely by reviewing permit applications and inspecting construction projects.
    Construction workers looking at building plans
  • Environmental Health Services

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    Ensures public health by inspecting septic systems, wells, food facilities, pools & waste disposal.
    Outdoor food booths
  • Planning

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    The Planning Division is a steward for new development. We guide new projects toward the smart use of resources.
    Green hills of Marin County
  • Housing and Grants Division

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    The Housing and Grants Division cares about safe affordable housing for all.
    New multi-unit dwellings under blue skies
  • Sustainability

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    The Sustainability Division works to support healthy, safe and sustainable communities while preserving Marin’s unique environmental heritage.
    A clear lightbulb with a tree growing inside, floating above a green field

Page updated June 28, 2024