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Housing and Grants

The Housing and Grants Division expands and improves housing options in Marin County through policy and funding.

What We Do

The goal of our Division is to ensure all Marin residents have equal access to safe and affordable housing. We focus on:

  • Expanding and improving housing options for current and future residents;
  • Facilitating the repair of unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions;
  • Making sure housing is equitable and accessible for all; and
  • Distributing funds to a wide range of projects that serve lower-income households. This includes affordable housing projects, services, and community upgrades.

Active community engagement and outreach guide our work. We collaborate with nonprofit partners and community groups, other local governments, housing providers and renters, homeowners, and developers. We focus on reaching out to those that have historically been shut out of decision making processes.

Page updated June 27, 2024