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Planning Permit Application Materials

What do I need to apply? Learn what you need to submit with a Planning Permit application.

What materials do I need to submit?

To submit a Planning Permit application, you need to include:

  • An Application Form. Find and download the form you need for your Planning Permit. We have a variety of application forms. The form you use depends on the Planning Permit or service you need. 
  • Fee. Download our Planning Division Fee Schedule to estimate your Planning Permit cost. All Planning Permits have a fee, as do certain Planning Services. 
  • Plans and Special Studies and Documents. Use the Planning Application Submittal Checklist to prepare your materials. This details what your plans need to include.  There are a few things we need to check before we can say yes to your application. Certain permits also need special studies like Geotechnical Reports or Biological Site Assessments. When you submit, you need to include checklist items shown with a check mark. During our review, we may ask for checklist items shown with a checkbox.

For a deep dive into our permits and processes, check out the Planning Application Guide.

Gather your final submittal package.

For most Planning Permits, you need: 

  • One hardcopy full-sized set of plans (24 inches by 36 inches)
  • One hardcopy reduced-sized set of plans (11 inches by 17 inches).

For Subdivisions, you need:

  • Eight full-sized hardcopy sets of plans (26 inches by 36 inches)
  • One hardcopy reduced-sized set of plans (11 inches by 17 inches).

For all Planning Permits, you need all materials, including special reports or studies, in an electronic format on a USB flash drive.

Can't submit in person?

You need to submit your Planning Permit applications in person. We provide a paid "Pre-submittal Review" service that allows us to review your package via Zoom. This service is also helpful if you want to make sure you have everything you need to submit. Request this service using the Planning Information Request form.

Learn more about getting help from the Planning Division.


Page updated May 16, 2024