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Planning Division Forms

Use these forms to apply for Planning Permits or other Planning Division Services.

Each Planning Permit and Service has its own fee. Forms may have differing submittal needs. So, it's best to review each form for fee and submittal instructions.

Permit Applications for Property Development, Modification, or Use

General Planning Permit Application

Use this form for the following types of Planning Permits:

  • Property Development (Coastal Permit, Design Review, Floating Home Exception, Housing Compliance Review Form Based and SB 9, Residential Accessory Dwelling Unit, Tree Removal Permit, Site Plan Review, Variance, 
  • Property Use (Condition Use, Master Use, Temporary Use, Homeless Shelter)
  • Lot Modification (Certificate of Compliance, Lot Line Adjustment, Master Plan, Merger, Tentative Map, Tentative Map Waiver, Map Plan Check, Urban Lot Split)
  • Policy (Community or Countywide Plan Amendment, Rezoning)
  • Signs (Sign Review, Sign Permit, Temporary Signs)
  • Amendments, Extensions, Renewals (Planning Permit amendments and extensions and Use Permit renewals)

Coastal Permit Exclusion

Use this form for projects that are excludable from Coastal Permit requirements.

Petition for Appeal

Use this form to apply for an appeal of an appealable Planning Division decision.

Learn more about how to file a Petition for Appeal.

Applications for Other Planning Division Services

Planning Information Request Application

Use this form to apply for the following informational services that have fees:

  • Planning Information Packet
  • Pre-application
  • Pre-submittal Plan Review
  • General Planning Services Account

Property Status Determination Application

Use this form to apply for a determination on whether your structures or uses on your property are legal.

Public Convenience and Necessity Application

Use this form to apply for a Public Convenience and Necessity determination from the County of Marin if required by the State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) for a proposed ABC License.

San Geronimo Valley Voluntary Point of Sale Inspection Application

Use this form to apply for a site inspection of a property in the San Geronimo Valley. The inspection checks for compliance with the County's Stream Conservation Area Policies.

Situs Address/Street Name Change Request Form

Use this for to apply for a new address, a new address for Accessory Dwelling Units, or to change the name of a street.

Williamson Act Application

Use this form to apply for either a Land Conservation Contract or Farm Land Security Zone Contract for farm properties under the Williamson Act

Other Planning Division Forms

Local Coastal Program Historic Review Checklist

Use this checklist for historic structures in the Coastal Zone when applying for Coastal Permits. 

Home Occupation Zoning Verification

Use this form to verify your home occupation complies with operating standards under Marin County Development Code Section 22.32.100. Keep a completed copy for your records.

Telecommunications Facilities Application Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to the Marin County telecommunications facilities policy plan application requirements. Submit it with the General Planning Permit Application for new telecommunications facilities.


Page updated May 16, 2024