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About the Probation Department

What we do

We provide services for the Court, adult and youth offenders, victims of crime, and the diverse communities of Marin.

Our work touches many lives. We work closely with:

  • Families
  • Victims of crime
  • Schools, churches, and community organizations
  • Local government, courts, law enforcement, and social services

We help by offering:

  • Health and wellness services
  • Supervision
  • Education and employment
  • Family support
  • Evidence-based programs and rehabilitation
  • Mentoring and pro-social activities

We don’t only get involved after a crime has been committed. We also work in the community to help prevent crimes from happening.

“Marin County Probation” surrounded by interlocking puzzle pieces showing the department’s many partners and services as described in the previous text.

We balance accountability and rehabilitation

A key part of what we do focuses on holding people responsible for their mistakes. We help keep Marin County safer and make sure victims of crimes get the support they need.

Our work is also rooted in social justice - and our belief in the power of rehabilitation. We want to help offenders get their lives on track. We offer the support, training, and skills they need to succeed.

If you’ve become involved in the justice system, we want to help you change your life - so it won’t happen again.

Our Mission

To further justice and community safety and to hold offenders accountable while promoting their rehabilitation.

Our operating principles

  • We believe people can change and we can be instrumental in supporting that change
  • We protect the community by following evidence-based practices and emphasizing rehabilitation, accountability, and community justice
  • We continuously strive to reduce the impact of crime and conflict on victims and the community
  • We respect the dignity of every individual
  • We are committed to ongoing learning, personal and professional development, and making use of our individual and collective experiences
  • We function as a cooperative team, emphasizing ongoing communication, both Internally and with other departments, agencies, partners, and stakeholders
  • We promote personal productivity, health, and balance in a safe, supportive, and respectful working environment
  • We are committed to continuous evaluation and improvement of our programs, practices, and interactions

Our core values

  • Personal and professional integrity, growth and development
  • Respect for each person's individuality, experience and contributions
  • Awareness of and respect for cultural diversity
  • Empowerment through communication, collaboration and cooperation
  • Individual and organizational competence, fairness and accountability


Adult services

  • Supervise and treat adults on probation
  • Conduct investigations and prepare reports for the court

Juvenile services

  • Provide support and resources to youth and their families
  • Supervise treatment for youth on probation and make referrals
  • Help the court make decisions
  • Conduct investigations and prepare reports for the court

Juvenile Hall

  • Provide 24-hour care to youth that have been detained
  • Offer a variety of recreational and support programs, on-site food preparation, and mental health services

Mission Statement

Mission Statement content (optional)

To further justice and community safety and to hold offenders accountable while promoting their rehabilitation.

Who we are

Marlon Washington: Chief Probation Officer

Jessica Fort: Assistant Chief Probation Officer

Samantha Klein: Director of Administration

Eric Olsen: Director of the Juvenile Division

Terry Wright: Director of Adult Services

My Tran: Director of Court Services


Wall of Change

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Page updated March 25, 2024