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Wall of Change

Learn about our program celebrating positive changes made by people on probation.

What is the Wall of Change?

Wall of Change text that is overlayed over an illustrated map with the quote "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

It's a wall in the lobby of the Adult Probation Division. We display framed photos and stories of people who made big, positive changes to their lives while on probation. 

It's our way of honoring them - and inspiring other people on parole to make changes in their own lives.

Celebrating success

We believe that probation is an opportunity - not just a punishment. During probation, we provide people with tools and resources to make positive changes.

We honor all sorts of achievements. Some examples include:

  • Getting and keeping a job after being unemployed for a while 
  • Getting clean and sober 
  • Finishing a treatment program

How the process works

Anyone who is on parole for a misdemeanor and felony crimes can be nominated for the Wall of Change. Here’s what happens:

A probation officer nominates you

They’ll fill out a form and submit it to the Wall of Change Committee.

You tell your story in a short essay

In 200 words (less than 1 page), talk about:

  • Why you were on probation 
  • What turned you around 
  • How probation helped you 
  • How you’re doing now

The Wall of Change Committee reviews your nomination

We look at the nomination from your probation officer and your essay. If you’re accepted, we add your story to the Wall of Change.

Once a year, the Probation Department holds a public ceremony to celebrate the folks who made positive changes in their lives.

If you get in trouble again - for example, for a new violation or not meeting parole requirements - we will remove your story. But if you make positive changes, your probation officer may nominate you again.

Visit the Wall of Change

The Wall of Change is open to the public during Probation Department business hours.

Adult Probation Lobby
Marin County Civic Center, Room 265
3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Page updated March 25, 2024